UCLA MAPS Banquet 2007

Here are the pictures from our UCLA MAPS Banquet 2007. Thanks to everyone who were able to show up. Congratulations to those who received an award. Fantastic job!

Here’s a list of the recipients of the awards:

  • Andrew Lee [Appreciation Award]

  • Bethany Ho [Most Communication Award]

  • Daniel Kim [Continued Excellence Award]

  • David Dang [Most Productive Award]

  • David Nguyen [Leadership Award]

  • Eric Sarkissian [Appreciation Award]

  • Eric Stevens [Appreciation Award]

  • George Chen [Most Productive Award]

  • Jason Kim [Appreciation Award]

  • Jennifer Mah [Continued Excellence Award]

  • Justin Zaghi [Appreciation Award]

  • Leilani Isadore [Continued Excellence Award]

  • Nina San [Rookie of the Year Award]

  • Patricia De Jesus [Leadership Award]

  • Regan Wong [Most Productive Award]

  • ReginaPhorn [Most Productive Award]

  • Shelby Kunishima [Most Productive Award]

  • Stephen Gardner [Most Productive Award]

  • Tri Minh Pham [Leadership Award]

  • Xingfu Liang [Most Productive Award]

Our previous intern, Marcela Rodriguez, is graduating at the end of the 2006-2007 term. We wish her all the best. Thank you, Marcela, for making MAPS a huge success.

Last but not least, we also would like to thank the MAPS administrators for their continuing support for our program. Thank you, Tony and Mary, we could not have done this without your support.

UCLA MAPS Banquet 2007

MAPS Stamp


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