January 2009 – Leadership Meeting Agenda

Transcript from Haidang Nguyen:

Hello Everybody! I just wanted to type up a brief summary of what we discussed about during our MAPS Leadership Meeting so we can all be reminded on what went down at the meeting. Also, I feel that this email will be great for those of us who couldn’t make it to the meeting because you will now know what was discussed about! In addition, please feel free to reply all if you feel that there is something to be added, edited, or any issues that have been updated (or needs to be updated).


New volunteers (recruited from last year at the end of Fall Quarter) – Because David and Patricia’s mednet accounts are blocked/inactivated at the moment, there is no way for any of us to contact the new volunteers back. We also don’t know if anyone *new* have emailed us since Winter Break. The ones who emailed us during break have been responded to (by David) before Winter Break but as of right now, we can’t send any followup emails to them because David’s email isn’t working at the time being.

David & Patricia’s Emails – David has contacted the security departmnt as well as other people but his email (as well as Patricia’s) have still not worked as of Friday, Jan. 9th, 2009. Therefore, MAPS is kind of on a road block because 1) The New Volunteers can not be reached for a followup and 2) MAPS business is kind of on hold without the access of David and Patricia’s mednet emails.

New Volunteers Volunteer Registration – We also discussed about how it would be absolutely fabulous if our potential MAPS volunteers could have an expedited process in becoming a volunteer at the RRMC. As of this moment, all interested volunteers have to apply to the RRMC (which includes essay, application, security check, 2 TB tests, 2 appointments with Lisa H (the volunteer coordinator), volunteer orientation, & ID Badge/Volunteer jacket). This process for a normal interested volunteer (because of appointments with the TB and Lisa) could take approximately 1.5-2 months to complete (and a quarter is only 2.5 months). Because we would love to have more data produced, more volunteers = more data,  it would be great to have this process expedited if possible for potential MAPS volunteers who are not registered volunteers yet.

Resolutions so far:

  1. Petra could do TB tests at our meeting (saves appointment times with the Ashe Center)
  2. Petra will talk to Lisa to see if anything could be done to expedite the process.

More New Volunteers Recruitment – This will be on hold at the moment because we already have about 30 potential interested MAPS volunteers who have emailed us before Winter Break. But in the future, we will try the separate MAPS volunteer orientation as well as the continuing of mass emails to the counselors and perhaps even announcing our program in lecture halls (or signs on BruinWalk).

Upcoming January Monthly Meeting – I will be emailing everybody to see which time/date works best. For now it could be the 3rd week of Jan, the 4th week of Jan, or maybe even the very beginning of the first week of Feb. Depending on our current volunteers’ schedules/midterms as well as Tony, Petra, and Catherine’s schedules, our meeting at this moment is TBA (but you will all get an email from me soon about this meeting though).

Old Volunteers Returning & New Volunteers who are getting trained – Xingfu emailed our old volunteers (approx 15) to see who was returning for the new 2009 year as well as for the new quarter. Approx 7 peopled replied back saying they are returning so that is our current number right now for active volunteers. For those who didn’t reply, Xingfu will ether be personally calling them (or emailing) to get their official word on MAPS. We also have new volunteers coming in and they are currently getting trained or will be getting trained by Xingfu, Me, and Patricia.

Shadowing Doctors – Everything is SET with Dr. Lian. We have decided that the interns will start shadowing the doctors first and then we will let it trickle down to our regular MAPS volunteers. Although we have not increased our number of volunteers as of this moment, we will want to be in contact with Dr. Lian in order to get a head jump start. Afterwards, it will be pretty easy once we get the routine going. Xingfu and Patricia are taking care of the meeting arrangements and setup (but I am not sure who is emailing who…Xingfu? Patricia?). However, all interns will be participating in this new and exciting program!

Training Volunteers Standardization – I will be training someone soon under the assistance of Petra so she could update and confirm the regular and standard way of MAPS observations (ie playing telephone and it changes). In order to prevent any changes like telephone, Petra will be doing the observations with me as well =)

CHS List – We have all decided that we will just send in the names of our current interns and current active volunteers in order to have CHS access (for volunteering during weekends, holidays, etc). Xingfu will be doing this.

Mary – It was also confirmed at the meeting that Mary is officially done. Therefore, we don’t need to CC her anymore in our emails
=( However, we should and could all stop by and say Hello! =)

Our MAPS Website – We have also decided that Xingfu will be handling the MAPS website from now on (after David) since I don’t have a clue about HTML. For those of you who haven’t seen the website yet, it is beautiful (good job David!). The URL is https://uclamaps.wordpress.com/

Last but not least, here are the tasks assigned between the interns:

New Member Recruitment – Xingfu and Me (but David has all their emails/names/responses on his inactivated email account. Hopefully his emails are still there when it is activated :o)

Monthly Reports – David

Scheduling – Xingfu

Meetings – Me

Shadowing Doctors – Xingfu, Patricia are coordinating this (but all interns are doing it)

Training New Volunteers – Patricia, Me, Xingfu

Website – David and Xingfu

By: Haidang Nguyen


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