February Updates from Haidang

Hi Everybody!

Just a few announcements:

1. The MAPS FEBRUARY 2009 Schedule is up in the office already. I have also attached the schedule via word document so take a look and know your floors. If there are any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know!

2. Just a friendly reminder – Please remember to fulfill your responsibility as a Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Volunteer and as a MAPS Volunteer. This includes your 4 hours a week requirement (2 hours on each floor assigned per week). It really shows if you skip a week and this looks bad on your record =( The RRMC does have consequences so just a heads up. Please let any of the interns know if you have any problems (ie midterms, family emergencies, MCAT test coming up, etc etc) and would need to reschedule your MAPS obligation or reschedule your weekly requirement to another week (spread them out if necessary if you are taking one week off for midterms for example).

3. The Monthly Meeting for February will be announced soon so look out for another email in due time.

4. Important observation announcement: In the past we have given RRMC staff the benefit of the doubt and checked them off as YES on handwashing if they wash their hands for 13-14 seconds. Under Petra’s guidelines as well as the hospital, the national standards states that handwashing must be done with SOAP only for at least 15 seconds. If it’s 14 seconds, then mark that NO and say WHY! Once again, it’s NOT Soap&Water for 15 seconds, it’s SOAP only for 15 seconds so that handwashing should be longer than 15 seconds really since they need time to rinse the soap off with water as well.

5. Gloves in the room: This policy is officially confirmed as well by Petra. If the staff takes off his or her gloves and touches the equipment in the room, mark a NO and say why (& what he/she did) – since he/she is infecting the equipment of the room. No need to even exit the room.

By: Haidang Nguyen


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