February Leadership Meeting

1. Shadowing Doctors – Xingfu and Patricia are still finalizing everything about this new and exciting addition to MAPS. I have just emailed all of our volunteers so they will send an email to Xingfu and Patricia if they are interested in this new program of MAPS. So far, everything looks good.

2. House Keeping – We had a long discussion about the House keeping people – whether or not they are following the safety patient standards of the hospital (including two gloves, cleaning one and drying it for 10 minutes, etc). Catherine is in the process of talking to the people who are in charge of the RRMC House Keeping employees.

3. Night Shifts  – We also had a discussion about night shifts (volunteering nightly) and how this could work. Petra will begin working at night starting in March so MAPS volunteers could volunteer at night if they want to (Petra will be their guidance in terms of helping them contacting the nurses, getting the paperwork, accessing the elevators, everything!). Update on this – I just gave Petra a copy of the original paperwork so Petra now has all the paperwork and tools and training paper at her convenience!

4. Volunteer Orientation – It’s coming up on Thursday, February 26th at 2:30 PM. (2:00PM for setting up). At the moment, Petra, Haidang, and Patricia will be presenting MAPS to the new RRMC volunteers. We are planning to show them our website in the auditorium as well as give them our fliers. We will definitely have plenty of things to say and are super excited to present it!

a. We will be showing them the worm in the brain video (http://www.ryanseacrest.com/video/?MediaID=40)

b. Hopefully we can also show them a video that Catherine has seen about handwashing and how it relates to a personal tragic story (this will defintiely raise awareness on handwashing with everyone. We also want to show this video to the residents. Catherine is in the process of working this out since we need permission from the woman who has the video)

c. I also copied 150 MAPS fliers for Lisa Harden in the Volunteer Offices (because she wanted them so she could hand it out to interested volunteers). Petra will give it to her tomorrow because her office is closed when I finished copying so I gave the copies to Petra. Thanks Petra!

5. Gifts / Awards – We will now be giving our gifts and awards to hard-working volunteers who have done a good job! At the moment, we will be giving our quarterly awards ($25 gifts from Petra and Catherine) as well as Monthly Awards (such as Starbucks Giftcards!) – Thanks Tony!!!! (Since Tony is in charge of the budget)

a. We still need to choose our Quarterly Award volunteer and send the name to Petra and Catherine. David, Xingfu, Patricia – Please email me about this to nominate!

b. Monthly Awards (Starbucks Giftcards) – Will this be for one person or anybody who has finished all their observations in the month? David, Xingfu, Patricia – Please email me to discuss! Thank you.


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