February Monthly Meeting

MAPS February Meeting Agenda
Fri, February. 27th, 2009

1)      Welcome: Introductions / Announcements (Last Meeting of Winter Quarter)

2)    Petra: Working at Night/Observation tools in White Box

a)      If the Nursing Administration (B790A) is locked and you can’t drop off your report, please go to the Nurse Staffing Office (B106) and drop off the report in the white IKEA box on top of the file cabinet. It has the label “MAPS” on it.

b)      Note, please only use the white IKEA drop box in B106 if Nursing Administration (B790A) is locked

3)    Volunteer of the Month

4)    Volunteer of Winter Quarter

5)     January 2009 Observations Report

6)   Xingfu & Patricia: Doctor Shadowing Program (Occurring soon)

7)   Training Assistants

8)  Petra, Patricia, Haidang: Volunteer Orientation (Yesterday: Thurs, Feb. 26th, 2009)

9)  Reminder: 4 Hours a week / 2 Hours on each floor assigned

10) Meeting Adjourned: Thanks for coming & Have a great Spring Break!!!


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