April Leadership Meeting – Part I


1.  MAPS Banquet in May – Need to discuss. Funding? Location? Is it going to happen?

2. Doctor Shadowing Program – People are dropping out of the 10AM shift due to scheduling conflict with their classes. We will be emailing out to our volunteers asking them if they want to do 7AM instead, which we did not originally participate in. Still need room number for 7AM shift (Xingfu/Patricia?)

3. New Incoming Members – 12 people currently getting trained/oriented with MAPS. Will bring MAPS members into the 30’s total. (Yay!) – Great improvement since we started this school year.

4. MAPS in the Summer Time – Will send out an email to volunteers asking who wants to work over summer. MAPS will be slower (cut back by approx. 1/4 but some volunteers will still volunteer). All interns, except Patricia, will be in the area. Therefore, things will have to be a little bit slower since only Patricia will be here. We can recruit new helpers though.  However, Xingfu can do scheduling from his hometown.

5. Volunteer Orientations:

Location: Main Auditorium: room B-130
Time: speaker time 2:00pm

April 7th – Xingfu can do this volunteer orientation. (Email has been sent out to Lisa and Vivian, so Xingfu, come to hospital at 2pm to present in room B130 auditorium). Cait/Petra – Who will be with Xingfu?

April 23rd – Who can do this one?

May 13th – David can do this one. Petra/Cait – who will join?

*note: Haidang can’t do any b/c of lab conflict during this time :( Same goes for Patricia.
*another note: April 7th and May 13th have been reserved through the volunteer office.



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