April Leadership Meeting – Part II

Hi everyone,

The April Schedule is up. If you have already volunteered this week, you don’t have to finish the newly assigned two floors again for this week.

Let me clarify a couple of questions you guys have had in the past few weeks.

1). Physician Shadowing:

–The rounding room is 7134 and you have to go to the room before 10am Monday – Friday to follow one of the medicine team.
–You will observe hand washing until they are done with their rounds, which usually last about 1.5 hours.
–Bring a copy of your report to the chief resident office on the same floor (you can ask the medicine team for the room number).
–Keep the original to yourself and tally all the results and put them in your folder. Also, the physician hand washings are no on the check list.

–Now, physician shadowing is mandatory. In the past, a volunteer must do phlebotomy once every month. Now, a volunteer will do either phlebotomy or physician shadowing. If one gets physician this month, he will get phlebotomy next month, vice verse.

–If you cannot make to the 10am slot at all for this quarter, please notify me. Remember, if it is necessary, you can swap your floors with those from another week.

2). Observation procedures:

–Don’t forget to add up your results and attach your tally sheet.
–Also, don’t forget to check off your name on the schedule and highlight the checkoff list.
–If tally sheets are OUT, find them at the folder labeled Originals for Copies OR just write the results on a blank sheet of paper.
–If the number of hand washings on a floor has be over 20, please please choose a different floor that has been done. Cross out your assigned floor on the schedule and write down the new floor.
(I noticed that there are 30+ hand washing on Maternity and on PACU which is very bizarre because PACU is supposed to be very easy comparing to Maternity)

3). Security and Access to CHS
–Your bruin card should allow you to access the CHS building now for those who have submitted your Id’s to me last quarter. I think you have to swipe your card at the entrance facing RRUCLA (Psychiatric
level that leads to H elevator). Please check if that works and if it doesn’t contact me.

That’s it. Have fun with the new quarter!




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