April Updates

Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!! Just some MAPS updates, new news, announcements. Please read through it all.

1. Our Upcoming mandatory meeting for the month of April is:

Week 4 of Spring Quarter
Monday, April. 20th, 2009
4:00PM – 5:00PM
Location: To be announced

Please REPLY TO ME (Haidang at:  HADNguyen@mednet.ucla.edu ) to confirm if you are going or not. If not, please provide legitimate reason.
This will also be our last monthly meeting before the MAPS Banquet.

2. Summer Volunteering – Who will be in the Los Angeles/UCLA area to volunteer with MAPS this Summer? Please REPLY TO ME so I can have a head count. MAPS will be on a break this summer but we encourage volunteering still if you have the opportunity to do so. Thank you!

3. Tally Sheets / Making Copies of Tools – Please don’t use all of the tool sheets that we provide you with, especially the ones in the Nurse Staffing Office in Room B-106. Please make an X amount of copies of the sheet that you need. Thank you! Also, please attach the Tally Sheet to every observation packet that you turn in. Thank you!

4. Broken Lock – The lock to our MAPS office was broken for 3-4 days but it now fixed so the old code still works. If that ever happens again, remember our alternative place to get tools: The Nurse Staffing Office in Room B-106 in the RRMC (in MAPS suitcase). This is the place where you can get tools and then turn in your observations so Petra and David can obtain them at a later time. (Remember, this room is different than the Nursing Administration, B-790, which is the room where you have the Unit Director boxes).

5. Our MAPS website has been updated and revised for the NEW season of Spring and Summer. Isn’t it amazing? Thanks DAVID! Please read the newest updates if you can. Those posts have the A through Z details. —–> https://uclamaps.wordpress.com/

Best Regards and hope to hear from you SOON,



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