MAPS Internship Application 2009-2010

Hello Everyone,

We are now accepting applications for the MAPS internship. There will be one open position for this upcoming school year. The directions and application are posted below. Please follow the directions carefully because we will not evaluate applications that do not adhere to the rules outlined.

  • Please look over the MAPS Intern Information 2009-2010 sheet
  • Complete and submit the MAPS Internship Application 2009-2010
    • Single spaced paragraphs
    • Times New Roman (12 points font)
    • Microsoft Word format (.doc file)
    • Do NOT write more than the maximum characters limit (with spaces) allowed
    • Rename your completed file to include your name:   “First Last – MAPS Application 2009-2010.doc”
      • Example:   “John Smith – MAPS Application 2009-2010.doc”
  • Submit a CV (or resume)
    • Rename your CV to include your name:   “First Last – CV 2009-2010.doc”
      • Example: “John Smith – CV 2009-2010.doc”
  • Additional Instructions:
    • Send your MAPS Application and CV to

    • Questions, concerns, comments are welcome at the above email address
    • You will receive a response once we have your completed application
  • Timeline:
    • [x] April 8th,  2009:    Instructions are posted
    • [x] April 11th, 2009:   Application available online for download
    • [x] April 26th, 2009:    Application and CV deadline (must be received before 11:59PM on April  26th, 2009)

    • [x] April 27 – May 1, 2009:   Initial application review and screening
    • [x] May 2-3, 2009:   Selected applicants will be invited for an interview
    • [x] June 2009:   Final decisions will be made

Good luck!

By: David Nguyen



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