Welcome Letter — 09 Fall

Fall Quarter 2009 Welcome Letter

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program Measuring to Achieve Patient Safety (M.A.P.S.) at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center (RRMC). We are one of the most sought after volunteer programs at the UCLA hospital. Our volunteer program exposes our volunteers to practically all areas within the RRMC and as a result, allows an invaluable experience for our volunteers to interact with all different types of staff in the RRMC. As a volunteer, you will conduct safety observations within the RRMC on general floors, intensive-care units, emergency room, post anesthesia care unit, and much much more. You will have the opportunity to shadow doctors, nurses, care partners, phlebotomists, respiratory technicians, and physical therapists. Our MAPS Leadership Team guarantees that your involvement with our volunteer program will highly be satisfying and you will learn and grow in many various ways. The MAPS Program is one of the best patient-contact volunteer programs at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center; you will have the chance to witness some of the most amazing and emotional situations in the hospital. We cannot wait to have you on our team and are very excited to be working with you! In the following paragraphs are the steps required for you to volunteer with us.

1.     First of all, if you haven’t checked out our website please do so at https://uclamaps.wordpress.com/ before you send in questions. For all inquiries please email us at uclamaps@gmail.com. We welcome all volunteers including adults and students from UCLA, USC, LMU, SMC. There are several steps required before you can completely volunteer independently with us.

2.     Your first step is to visit our APPLY section on our website to see the outlined steps. With so many steps, volunteers are usually able to volunteer independently with us within at least 2-3 months. First of all, you will need to complete all the steps required by the UCLA Health System at http://www.uclahealth.org/body.cfm?id=66&oTopId=1.  Towards the end of this process, you will be given a referral slip from Volunteer Services for a MAPS Intern or Supervisor to sign. At this point, please contact us at uclamaps@gmail.com to set up an appointment with a MAPS Intern or Supervisor.

3.     Next, you will receive by email a copy of this Welcome Letter as well as our MAPS Training Manual, MAPS Training Manual Quiz, and MAPS Post-Training Quiz. This Welcome Letter is for you to keep and read for present and future reference. Please print out the MAPS Training Manual and thoroughly read through it. After carefully reading the MAPS Training Manual, you will be able to answer questions on our MAPS Training Quiz. We request that you email us your responses on a separate word document at uclamaps@gmail.com. At your appointment, you will be asked to summarize key points on each page to ensure that you know what our program is about, how you are helping save lives by being in our program, and the commitments and requirements that our program asks of you. To set up an appointment with a MAPS Intern or Supervisor, please email us at uclamaps@gmail.com your schedule of availability (all dates & times in the current week or following week) as well as the locations that you could meet at (for example, in the dorms or Westwood apartments or on campus). Last but not least, don’t forget to bring a copy of the MAPS Training Manual with you at the time of your appointment and please fill out the “Safety Observer Volunteer Contact Sheet” included at the end of this letter and email it to us.

4.     After your appointment with a MAPS Intern or Supervisor, you will go through a series of steps to complete your training. This second major part of your training will take approximately 4-10 weeks to complete, depending on the schedules of availability between you and your trainer. You will be trained in 3 general areas to gain sufficient experience to volunteer all over the hospital. These three areas include General floors, Intensive-Care Unit, and Phlebotomy. You will also be trained on how to do the paperwork, write-ups, and other administrative work required of you in our volunteer program. Each training process will help you familiarize yourself with the volunteering process as well as help you gain techniques necessary to conduct safety observations during your volunteering for our program. Please email your schedule of availability (dates and times) to your trainer to set up a date & time for training. Also include where on UCLA you would like to meet (ie in front of LS Building) so we can show you where our main office is located at and start the training process.

5.     After you have completed your training at the RRMC, have become extremely comfortable with the process, and have mastered the techniques required to conduct safety observations, you will need to complete the last part of the process. Please answer the questions on the MAPS Post-Training Quiz and email it to us at uclamaps@gmail.com on a separate word document. After you have passed this step, you will be given a schedule of assigned floors. This is the mark of the beginning of your independent volunteer experience. After this step, you will be responsible for completing your duties and requirements as a MAPS RRMC Volunteer.

Questions and concerns should always be directed to the MAPS Leadership Team at uclamaps@gmail.com. Do not hesitate to ask us about anything such as certain situations you witnessed or certain scenarios that were out of the norm. If you have a question then someone else in our program will most likely have that question. With collaboration and teamwork, your activism and participation in our program will make our program even better! Once again, thank you for your interest. We can’t wait to be working with you, and please fill out the form attached in the document and email it to us.

Best Regards,

The MAPS Leadership Team

click here for:

Volunteer Contact Sheet


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