General Email REPLY for Winter Quarter Recruitment Inquiries

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in our MAPS program.  There are 4 documents attached. Here is the breakdown:

1. MAPS Welcome Letter – Please read this carefully. It breaks the whole training process down so you can have a clear time line of steps AND idea of what’s going to happen during this pre- volunteering process.

2. MAPS Training Manual – Everything technical you need to know about us. Please read this carefully, and print it out. you will need to summarize key points on each page when you meet up with us in the beginning to have your referral slip signed.

3. MAPS Training Manual QUIZ– A short and easy 10 question quiz based off on direct facts & statements & ideas from the Training Manual. This is to ensure The MAPS Leadership Team that you have read the Training Manual.

4. MAPS Post-Training QUIZ – After you training is completed, this is the last step, so save this document. Another Quick 10 Questions Post-Training Quiz.

Many of you had the same questions so I will answer them here. Please email me back if you have any further questions.

Answers to FAQ:

1. Some of you have notified us that the next volunteer orientation is not until next year and we apologize for that. Some of you also asked if there are any exceptions for a faster orientation date for interested MAPS volunteers. I will ask the volunteer office myself about this but at the moment, the short and quick answer is NO, unfortunately :( Our Volunteer program is under the Dept. of Patient Affairs at the RRMC. For that reason, we are under the umbrella of the RRMC Volunteer Office. Their volunteering process is very strict, long, and you will be required to complete a lot of their paperwork and necessary steps. Just know that you will be working at the best hospital on the West Coast. The RRMC is #3 in the USA for a reason. As a result, the volunteer process is strict and long for a reason. After you are done with the volunteer office, you will get a referral slip from them for OUR PROGRAM. From there, you will work with us directly. Read the Welcome Letter for this part. So book your appt with the volunteer office as soon as possible. Realistically, you will start volunteering independently in the second half of Winter Quarter (yes, the process is very long, but i promise, it’s WORTH IT). The volunteer office does NOT have an email address, you will need to book your appt via the telephone.

2. Our volunteer program is available for everyone, including adults, graduate students, undergraduate students, and NURSING students.

3. Our volunteer program requirements are:

a. 4 hours a week

b. of those 4 hours 2 hours on each assigned floor

c. 8 floors assigned per month

d. one year committment to our program after the quarter that you are trained (example: joined/trained winter quarter – your 1 year starts spring quarter)

e. attend monthly meetings

4. If you are already a volunteer at the RRMC, the process is super easy. Just get a referral slip for our MAPS program through the RRMC Volunteer Office.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions if you have any. Have a great night.

Best Regards,
The MAPS Leadership Team

MAPS Stamp


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