April 2010 Update


Our recent MAPS April Monthly Report for 2010 left the MAPS Leadership Team speechless. This past month, we have officially reached 3039 patient safety observations. Our original program’s goal for the ’09-’10 year was 1500 patient safety observations by May. We went for the gold and in  return of our volunteers’ hard work and dedication, we got diamond. MAPS Volunteers, The MAPS Leadership Team THANK YOU for all your hard work, dedication, and support. Our program would not be here today without our MAPS Volunteers. Thank you for doubling our year end’s goal. We are so excited, so proud, & so surprised!  3039 observations will significantly help our report as it’s now even more reliable than ever for our Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Health Care administration and staff unit directors.

This upcoming Friday, May. 21st, 2010, our MAPS Program will officially THANK YOU our volunteers with our MAPS End of the Year Recognition Ceremony. This will take place at Acapulco  – Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Westwood and we will have a blast. Once again, Thank you for all your hard work and volunteering. You are the best!

-The MAPS Leadership Team


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