MAPS End-Of-The-Year Recognition Ceremony Photos

Congratulations to CHIEN-WEN ALICE HO for being our APRIL 2010 MAPS Volunteer of the Month. Alice has been volunteering for a couple of months now and out of 50+ volunteers, she has done an amazing job and is definitely one of our dedicated and beloved volunteers. Thanks Alice!

In this photo, from left to right: Rebecca Liu, Xingfu Liang, Cait Walsh, Alice Ho, Tony Padilla, Patricia De Jesus, and last but not least, Haidang Nguyen.

Our MAPS End-Of-The-Year Recognition Ceremony took place at Acapulco’s on Friday, May. 21st,  2010 and it was a huge success. We all had so much fun! : ) Here are some photographs.

Volunteers get in line for our Tacos and Tostadas catered food

One volunteer gets a head start!

Another volunteer begins to eat. The fiesta is just starting!

Tony Padilla, Director of Patient Affairs and Volunteering Services, leads the way in the buffet line!

Volunteers start to mingle at the table. What a year to celebrate!

One of our newest volunteers make a face ;P

More mingling between the volunteers

Cait Walsh, Accreditation Manager of In-Patient Nursing and Interventional Areas, and Lindsey Ward, our newest volunteer, pose for the unexpected shot ;P

Long time dedicated volunteer Bich Pham and MAPS Intern Coordinator Xingfu Liang represent the peace sign

Volunteers enjoying the banquet

Our MAPS Ladies enjoying the end of the table conversation

Patricia De Jesus, our MAPS Intern Coordinator, enjoying dinner with our volunteers.

More volunteers enjoying the banquet

No candid here! They are both ready to pose : )

Cait Walsh and Tony Padilla, two of our MAPS Supervisors, pose for the camera

Overall, our MAPS End-Of-The-Year Recognition Ceremony was a huge success and everyone had so much fun. Thank you all MAPS Volunteers for your hard work and dedication to make our volunteer program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center the BEST program possible. The MAPS Leadership Team THANK YOU, once again.


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