MAPS Intern Coordinators Positions AVAILABLE

Our MAPS Volunteer Program is currently accepting NEW Intern Coordinators.

DEADLINE: You must send in your application by Saturday, January. 8th, 2011 by 11:59PM.

Keep in mind: if you accept this position, it will last until you graduate (i.e., not just a one-year commitment).

To Apply:

-Read the “MAPS Intern Responsibilities” document so you have an idea of what this position entails.

-We are looking for a LEADER: someone who has great leadership skills in organizing and delegating tasks with a 5-9 persons leadership team for one of the best volunteer programs in the Ronald Reagan  UCLA Medical Center. You will be working with other Intern Coordinators and Tony Padilla (Director of Patient Affairs), Cait Walsh (Accreditation Manager for In-Patient Nursing and Interventional Areas) and Petra Fritz (Accreditation Coordinator for In-Patient Nursing and Interventional Areas)

– As a MAPS Intern, you will work on maintaining and expanding the volunteer program to further promote patient safety. You will produce data analysis and results for the RRMC unit directors and administrators using Microsoft Excel. Intern Coordinators will get a Letter of Recommendation from Tony, Cait, and/or Petra at the end of their position. We are looking for someone who is either medical school bound or grad school bound.

-Fill out the application

-Submit the application, along with a copy of your DPR, to

-After your application is submitted, the MAPS Leadership Team will review your application, volunteering hours [if applicable], and MAPS volunteering history [if applicable] to see if you are eligible for an interview.

-If you are eligible, you will be invited to be interviewed by Tony, Cait, Petra, Haidang, and Rebecca (the entire MAPS Leadership Team)

Factors we consider:

-Amount of volunteering experience in MAPS

-Quality and quantity of MAPS observations

-Volunteer hours with MAPS

-GPA/academic excellence

-Other extracurricular activities

-Interpersonal skills

-Organizational abilities

-Leadership skills

-Ideas for improvements/innovations

***Important Note***

The MAPS Intern position is very much a coordinator’s job; you will be managing over 50 volunteers and working with three supervisors. It will require a lot of dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work, so MAPS must be a TOP priority extracurricular-wise.



Questions or Concerns? Email us at


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