Important Reminders!

Hello MAPS volunteers! This is Michael Arias, one of the new Intern Coordinators, with 2 very important reminders:

1. Limit Clipboards in the Alternative Office!: The Alternative MAPS Office in the B-Level of the RRMC has been piling up with clipboards lately. Please help keep our space in this room organized! The people who work in this Nurse Staffing Office would appreciate any effort on our part to maintain neatness in our corner of the room. Only use this Alternative Office after 7pm on weekdays (or if you will finish volunteering your units after 7pm), or on the weekends. (We recognize that this may be inconvenient and we apologize, but it must be done.) Otherwise, please use our Regular Office in CHS Room 17-253. We would also appreciate if you help us return any extra clipboards to our CHS office if you notice that there are too many clipboards in the Alternative Office!


2. Don’t make any copies for the charge nurse anymore!: This is a new policy. We now only have to make 1 copy at the end of our shifts, for the unit director. This means that you no longer have to find and give observations to the charge nurse at the end of your shift! Let me say that again: MAKE ONLY ONE COPY AT THE END OF YOUR SHIFT! And store it in the unit director mailbox or in the respective unit director folder. Not only does this relieve the charge nurse of extra paperwork, but this also means less work for us as volunteers! Hooray!

Thank you for reading these announcements! Alma, Jessica, Lina and I look forward to getting to know all of you and to help all of us progress as a MAPS team. Expect more posts from us in the near future! Until then, adios!


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