MAPS Expansion: Shadowing Neuro Critical Care Rounds with Dr. Vespa!

Do you enjoy shadowing doctors? Are you looking for more opportunities where you can interact with physicians and experience first-hand the life of their career?

As a MAPS Volunteer, this opportunity is given to you!

Our program has just expanded into shadowing the Medical Director and Attending Physician of the 6 Neuro-Trauma ICU, Dr. Vespa (seen above). He has agreed to allow MAPS volunteers to shadow him and his team on his Neuro Critical Care rounds.

This is a ONE-ON-ONE shadowing experience, and the distinction with this aspect of our program is that, upon scheduling with us via e-mail, you will be shadowing the same doctor and the same team each time you volunteer. This means that Dr. Vespa and his team may eventually become familiar with you, allowing you to develop a relationship with a highly respected doctor from the best hospital on the West Coast, the Ronald Reagan Medical Center!

Dr. Paul Vespa recently treated Jay Yim, an LA Marathon runner who suffered cardiac arrest.

Detailed instructions to shadow Dr. Vespa are found here (click!). Only one MAPS volunteer is allowed to shadow Dr. Vespa per week, so read these instructions carefully if you are interested in this very exciting shadowing opportunity!

Dr. Vespa’s Neurosurgical Team

This opportunity is now open! Shadowing Dr. Vespa is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so e-mail us immediately to schedule a time for you to experience what it’s like to be a neurosurgical physician at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center!

E-mail Michael if you have any questions at all about shadowing Dr. Vespa, and, as always, feel free to let the MAPS team know about any questions/concerns/comments you may have.


(Los Angeles Times article on Dr. Vespa’s treatment of Jay Yim found here.)


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