MAPS April General Meeting

Just a portion of our MAPS Team! Can you find yourself?

 Hello MAPS family! Here are some pictures from April’s general meeting! (And yes, we recognize that these pictures are being posted midway through May. Better late than never!)

David Nguyen, a former MAPS Intern Coordinator who now attends UC Davis School of Medicine, came to talk to us about life as a med student, and how MAPS has played a part in his life. Patricia De Jesus (not pictured), another former coordinator who now works as a nurse in acute pediatrics at Ronald Reagan, also came to talk to us on this evening.
Volunteers listen closely to David and ask him questions about his career, his involvement with MAPS, and his life. To David's left is Jessica Hudson, a current MAPS Coordinator, and to his right are former coordinators Haidang and Rebecca (and David's little sister, who joined David to explore Westwood).
Two of our supervisors, Cait and Petra, also listen in on David's medical stories.

Aside from David and Patricia’s presentations in this meeting, we also introduced our expansion into Neuro Critical Care shadowing with Dr. Vespa (see post below). In addition, we discussed the January 2011 report, in which we had 8415 observations–the most that our program has ever gathered in one month! Truly, our organization is expanding rapidly, and our data reflects this.

Other important reminders in this meeting included: to keep both MAPS offices clean, to make copies of observation tools when they are running low, and, quite importantly, to make sure that our volunteers still conduct observations even when shadowing physicians. Even though you are welcome to spend most of your time talking to the physician you are shadowing, make sure to still mark down your regular observations on the side! We are still MAPS volunteers, after all!

The B-Level of the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, where our Alternative Office is found, and where the auditorium for our End-of-the-Year Banquet is found as well!

We were glad to see some of you come out to this meeting, and we hope to see even more of you next Wednesday night, May 25, at our End of the Year Banquet! From 5pm to 7pm in the Ronald Reagan B-Level Auditorium, expect great food, good pictures, interesting guest speakers, nice awards, and all-out fun!



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