September 2011 Volunteer Schedule

A still frame from our upcoming MAPS Recruitment Video! Stay tuned!

The Volunteer Schedule for the month of September 2011 (click) has now been posted!

As we approach September, our final Summer Month of optional volunteering, the MAPS team would again like to thank and congratulate our members who have elected to take the extra effort and volunteer over the summer. Your work as a MAPS volunteer in establishing and propelling some of the best Patient Safety procedures in hospitals over the nation continues to be important and appreciated, even (and especially) during the summer. Bravo to all our summer volunteers!

Volunteers not on the schedule for September who are still interested in completing observations over the final Summer Month of optional volunteering can still receive assigned units; send me an e-mail at and I’ll help you get started!

Dr. Vespa shadowing has continued to be busy with MAPS volunteers interested in experiencing the life of a Neuro Critical Physician at Ronald Reagan. The shadowing schedule became completely filled for the month of August after only a short amount of time. Currently, Dr. Vespa shadowing for the month of September is still unavailable until the week of Monday, September 12, 2011. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send me an e-mail at!

Again, thank you to our summer volunteers! To our LMU volunteers, enjoy the start of the school year, and to our USC, SMC, and UCLA volunteers, enjoy whatever summer you have left!

Michael Arias

Note: I will be vacationing with my family on a Disney Cruise in Alaska for the following week, from Sunday, August 28, to Tuesday, September 6. Our intern Lina Manoukian will handle any e-mails during this time; however, if you are interested in receiving assigned units for the month of September or in scheduling a date to shadow Dr. Vespa, feel free to e-mail me as well and I will try to answer any e-mails before the morning of Sunday, August 28; otherwise, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I come back home from vacation!


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