The New MAPS “Helpful Hints Packet”

Hello MAPS Volunteers!

We have recently revamped our MAPS “Quick Reference Packet,” which is the packet that contains the MAPS Unit Directory, the table of professions we monitor and what they typically wear, the instructions for Physician and Phlebotomy shadowing, as well as other helpful hints regarding volunteering. We have now renamed this packet to the “Helpful Hints Packet,” and it can be found here (click!). It is also found in our Resources tab, as the first item underneath “MAPS Volunteering Tools.”

The new Helpful Hints Packet is now about 30 pages long! Despite the large number of pages in this packet, we highly recommend that all of our volunteers (especially the newly trained ones) print out your own copy of this entire packet and bring it with you whenever you volunteer. You can place it with your tools on your clipboard, in order to have it for reference should you ever come across something during volunteering that you need help with. The new Helpful Hints Packet has all the information we tell you during training, and thus should be able to answer most of your questions during volunteering!

The other Intern Coordinators and I have noticed that we may have sometimes mistakenly called this packet the “Training Manual” to volunteers, which could be confusing because there is actually another packet (not this one) which is actually called the “Training Manual.” This may explain why some volunteers have been unable to find the instructions for shadowing physicians, because we mistakenly have told you to refer to the “Training Manual” when in fact the instructions were found in this “Quick Reference” packet instead. As a result, we have newly re-named this packet to the “Helpful Hints Packet,” in hopes of eliminating confusion with the actual Training Manual. We have also updated the Helpful Hints Packet with the newest information about MAPS volunteering, including instructions to shadow Dr. Vespa, an overview of the Fall Ambassador Program, and other new tips about MAPS volunteering.

We hope that this packet will help our newest volunteers start their MAPS experience smoothly, as well as refresh our older volunteers with the information they should have learned during training. Again, please try to print out your own copy to bring with you whenever you volunteer–we can assure you that this packet will be “Helpful” indeed!



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