July 2012 Volunteer Schedule

Greetings MAPS Volunteers, and Happy July!

The MAPS Volunteer Schedule for July 2012 is now available (click!). Remember that you can find this schedule on this post, in our Resources tab atop the page, in the email sent out to you at the beginning of the month, and in our MAPS Main Office as a hard copy!

We’d like to send a thank you out again to all of our wonderful volunteers who have elected to conduct patient safety observations with us during these summer months. The effort to optimizing patient safety is one that never sleeps! Thank you to all who keep our program active even when the academic school year is not in session. Also, we would like to send high praise to Neel Raval, Seema Kamble, Halina Yee, and Stacie Li for starting off our Fall Ambassador Program with much success! Our role in reducing the amount of accidental falls from high fall-risk patients in the RRMC is already making an impact. Thank you four for helping initiate what looks to be a very influential program in the future! (Neel, I have assigned you one Fall Ambassador Unit for the month of July, as you have requested; Seema, I assigned you four, as you requested. Please note that these Fall Ambassador units are included within your July assignment.) Any volunteers who are still interested in adding diversity to your MAPS experience by becoming a Fall Ambassador are welcome to contact us with your inquiry!

On another important note, our MAPS Alternative Office (the Nurse Staffing office on the bottom floor of the RRMC) has been newly renovated. Please note that we no longer have a box underneath the computer desk in that office; instead, we now have a nice space in the file cabinet in the corner. We have two drawers labeled on the outside with “MAPS”–the drawer on top is where you can leave your belongings, while the drawer on the bottom contains all of our MAPS materials (clipboards, tools, and a folder where you can leave your completed observations). Please feel free to make the most out of this space! Furthermore, our MAPS Main Office (across the street from the RRMC in CHS) will move to another location in the beginning of August. This location will be a larger space in an office right above CVS on Westwood Blvd. (a block down from the RRMC). We will send you further updates on this new location once we finalize our move into the new space–but for now, we are excited to learn that this new space will be much larger, equipped with enough space even for a couch and refrigerator!

As always, please email us at uclamaps@gmail.com if you are interested in shadowing Dr. Vespa. I apologize to those volunteers who attempted to shadow Dr. Vespa during the month of June, only to find that he did not show up (Michael Opene and Halina Yee)–he was actually on vacation for a couple of weeks. If ever this happens to you and Dr. Low is substituting for Dr. Vespa on the same morning, feel free to shadow Dr. Low instead, as he has kindly told us that he does not mind taking on our shadowers! Remember that Dr. Vespa shadowing can count as your Physician unit if you are assigned “Physician” for the month.

Cheers everyone, and have a happy Independence Day Holiday next week!
Michael Arias


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