August 2012 Volunteer Schedule

‘Ello MAPS Volunteers! As the Olympic Games are currently taking place in London, we hope that the dedicated athletes have inspired you to “dive” into patient safety, helping UCLA Health Care to “hurdle” over any non-compliant obstacles until we reach “gold” in achieving 100% compliance!

The MAPS Volunteer Schedule for August 2012 is now available (click!) for our volunteers who have elected to “reach gold” in this penultimate summer month. Remember that you can find this schedule on this post, in our Resources tab atop the page, in the email sent out to you at the beginning of the month, and in our MAPS Main Office as a hard copy.

As in every month, please email us at if you wish to shadow Dr. Vespa (whether to complete an assigned “Physician” unit, or if you simply wish to have the experience). Also, remember that the option of Fall Ambassador volunteering is available to you should you be interested–refer to the Fall Ambassador tab at the top of the page to find out more information. (Fall Ambassadors receive a specialized and more extensive letter of recommendation from MAPS at the end of their commitment).

We hope you enjoy the rest of the London Olympics, and that you reflect the dedication and drive of the Olympic athletes in your own volunteering! Like the athletes, you are inspirational, playing an extremely large role in one of the best hospitals and health care systems in the nation at UCLA. Unlike the athletes, however, your work does not peak once every 4 years–because your work never stops! Make the MAPS team proud!



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