October 2012 Volunteer Schedule

Welcome back, MAPS Volunteers!

With October upon us, MAPS returns to required volunteering! If you have not replied to our latest email regarding updating the MAPS Active Volunteer Roster, then we have assumed that you plan to continue volunteering with us until you finish your 3 quarter commitment (or, if you are still volunteering with us past your commitment, whenever you wish to stop receiving assigned units), and thus we have included you on our MAPS October 2012 Volunteer Schedule (click!). Please note that this schedule has also been emailed out to you, and is also available on our Resources tab.

We would like to extend yet another thank you to all of our volunteers who have conducted observations with us this past summer. Even with volunteering only optional, we received over 1000 observations in July and August, and over 2000 observations in September–truly an amazing achievement! We thank you all for keeping our program active even during UCLA’s summer vacation.

We hope you all have an amazing start to the UCLA academic school year, and that you all enjoy your Halloween at the end of the month!



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