November 2012 Volunteer Schedule

Happy November, MAPS Volunteers!

Firstly, we’d like to thank and congratulate each of our volunteers who applied and interviewed for our Intern Coordinator position. We are excited at the level of ambition and leadership we saw in our applicants. We will respond soon to those applicants who we have chosen for the position.

Secondly, the MAPS Volunteer Schedule for November 2012 has been posted (click!). Please note that this schedule has already been emailed to you, and is also available for viewing in our Resources tab atop the page.

As always, please email us at if you would like to shadow Dr. Vespa sometime this month, and we will schedule you accordingly. Dr. Vespa’s most successful shadowing times are Wednesdays from 8-11AM. Also, please email us if you are interested in becoming a Fall Ambassador; as a reminder, Fall Ambassadors receive a specialized letter of recommendation from us upon completion of their one year commitment.

With Thanksgiving break taking up half of a week out of this month, we encourage you to plan your volunteering accordingly.

We hope you all enjoy the beginning of the holiday season, and a feast of a Thanksgiving at the end of the month!



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