A day as a MAPS volunteer

Data Collection Process

On a regular basis, you will be required to follow the subsequent protocol:

1. Come to the Medical Center and sign in at the computer.
2. Make sure you are wearing your volunteer jacket and have your ID badge.
3. Check your schedule and the assigned area of observation.
4. Call the charge nurse or head phlebotomist 10 minutes before you go to your designated area to let them know that you are coming.
5. When you go to your assigned area, introduce yourself to the charge nurse or head phlebotomist.
6. Explain your purpose of observation and let them know that you are from the MAPS Volunteering Program.
7. open up your paperless application. Proceed with your observations with accuracy and reproducibility.
8. Communicate all of your observations to the charge nurse and unit director and/or head phlebotomist by giving them copies of your noncompliant observations.
9. For paper users, Fill out a tally sheet, and staple to original observations.
10. File observations in the folder marked with the dept. name in the MAPS Office.
11. Sign out of the computer.