From current & retired MAPS Volunteers

“In short, our hand hygiene program, much to the credit of the ideas gleaned from [MAPS], was an overwhelming and tremendous success.” -Justin Etinger (Lenox Hill Hospital)

“MAPS how allowed me opportunities that I never thought I would have had in my undergraduate education. I’ve been through the ER, intensive care, and dialysis (just to start) of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, which is rated as one of the top 5 hospitals in the country! The experience has been invaluable and it’s certainly given me an edge as a pre-medical student. What is more, the MAPS leadership team is excellent and they have accommodated my every question and request with much kindness. I would recommend MAPS to any pre-medical student as a great introduction to the medical setting in an experience unlike any other!” — Kiefer Greenspan, Biology, Class of 2013

“MAPS was the great redeeming program of the UCLA volunteer office.  I had such a horrible experience applying and interviewing for other programs that I felt they were just undergrads trying get a power trip over other students. However, when I finally met the MAPS team, they were warm, welcoming, and eager to get me on board. The training was great, and I felt fully appreciated for the work I was doing. As someone who wanted to apply to medical school, I knew volunteering at the hospital would be extremely beneficial to helping me make future decisions about my focus. Through MAPS, I saw every department in the hospital, gaining first-hand experience about their pace, requirements, and general function.  Talking to the nurses during my shifts allowed me to encounter great advice, guidance and encouragement to continue the process of applying to medical school. I felt totally comfortable during the application process talking about my experiences and how the MAPS program allowed me to determine that I wanted to be an ER Surgeon.  I HIGHLY recommend the MAPS program to others because it  is an INCREDIBLE experience and the program coordinators are constantly working to improve what they offer. In the two years since I volunteered, the program has already become even more like a direct shadowing program!”Ronald Rivera, Psychobiology, Class of 2009

“MAPS provided a new lens to view the hospital environment. Through these lens of safety, even a high ranked hospital like UCLA Ronald Reagan can show room for improvement. This enables students with future in medicine to strive for excellence and create a more perfect place.” Taral Patel, Physiological Science, Class of 2013

“I joined MAPS when I heard about it during the UCLA orientation. I wanted to be volunteering in all parts of the hospital therefore after hearing it, I made some contacts and become a part of it. In the future, I want to be a Child Life Specialist and MAPS had me hands on experiences on looking at all the departments and confirming that I would like to be in a pediatrics settings. Through MAPS, I befriended a lot of people around my age as well as others who are a part of MAPS. I used to be a shy and timid person but after MAPS, my low self-esteem works its way out to have a higher self-esteem. In any case, MAPS has definitely made me who I am now and I am glad to have once joined the team.” — Steffenie Susanto, Psychology (Mt. St. Mary’s College), Class of 2010

“MAPS is a great program for volunteering. I enjoyed my experiences learning more about professions in health care.” Manna Hagos, Psychobiology, Class of 2010

“MAPS  has given me the opportunity to live the life of a medical student! I get to see doctors and nurses do their jobs everyday and, thanks to MAPS, I am able to work with them and obtain a hands-on experience in the medical field. Maps has helped me choose a career in the medical field and with every volunteering experience I learn more about myself and the future I have chosen.”Lina Manoukian, Physiological Science, Class of 2013

“The UCLA MAPS Program has been absolutely terrific! I am so glad I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with them. Thanks to the MAPS Program, I gained invaluable experience in the hospital units, which allowed me to get a taste of what it would be like to work in a hospital one day. The program furthered my understanding of medication administration and blood draws, and allowed me to experience what treating a patient is really like while shadowing nurses and doctors. I am so happy I participated in the program!”Lindsey Ward, Art History, MAPS Summer Volunteer from Columbia University, Class of 2012

“The MAPS program has given me an incredible opportunity to observe and participate in the environment of a hospital. After shadowing doctors and nurses on different floors, I now know what it is like to work in a hospital. This program has further confirmed my aspirations to work in a hospital one day.”Katy Park, Harvard-Westlake High School, Class of 2011

“MAPS is an amazing program that challenges students to be take an active role in today’s medical community. It has furthered my interest and fascination about medicine and medical care. The limitless opportunities allow students to gain clinical experience in a myriad of departments. The program strives to reduce medical “carelessness” and improve the efficiency medical treatment. I had a great time volunteering with MAPS and they have provided me with not only knowledge and insight about correct and safe medical practices but also have helped me to realize the care that is necessary to handle patients. I believe that MAPS is the cornerstone in creating awareness and guidance for the correct approaches to administer medicine for the medical community in large.”Debobrato Das, Bioengineering, Class of 2012

MAPS was extremely rewarding as it gave me valuable clinical exposure to various floors at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Coming into the program at the Spring quarter of my 3rd year, I wish that I had joined much earlier when I started getting into clinical volunteering. Instead of wasting time applying to competitive, “prestigious” volunteer programs throughout campus or doing administrative work, I wish I had known about MAPS earlier. MAPS gave me the unique opportunity to explore the inpatient environment while also providing me with the important task of monitoring caregivers for their safety. The experience was worthwhile enough for me to discuss at a couple medical school interviews that I had in the last month. This program is definitely a great volunteer opportunity for all pre-health students.”
Kay-Won Chang, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2011