Our recruitment cycles occur at the beginning of each UCLA academic quarter.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for any questions or concerns:

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The MAPS Volunteer Program looks for dedicated and hark-working volunteers who are serious about making a difference for patient safety. We want responsible and reliable volunteers who are able to provide great quality and reproducible observations for RRMC hospital administration. Because we invest so much time and energy in the training of our volunteers, we only want serious and dedicated volunteers who will get the job done in the  most professional and sophisticated manner possible. Please review the responsibilities and commitment that we expect from you as you further explore our website and volunteer program. Thank you.

Requirements of MAPS Program Commitment:

1. One year commitment with the MAPS Program (or a minimum of 3 quarters according to the UCLA academic calendar, with the 1st quarter starting in the quarter that you receive training.)

2. 8 Units Assigned per Month (mandatory completion at the end of the month)
    Recommendation: ~2 Floor Assignments per Week (do not procrastinate!)

3. Minimum of 2 hours per unit (this adds up to a minimum of 16 service hours each month)

4. Attend the General Volunteer Meeting every quarter.


During Summer, Winter Break, & Spring Break – MAPS goes “dark.” Volunteers are not required to volunteer, but if they are in the UCLA area, they are more than welcome to go above and beyond and continue working.