The MAPS Fall Ambassador Program

Hello MAPS volunteers!

Did you know: 2 to 15% of inpatients experience at least one fall during their hospital stay

Did you know: about 30% of falls cause injuries, including bruises, lacerations, fractures, intracranial bleeding, and even death

In response to these facts, MAPS leadership would like to proudly introduce the newest expansion to our volunteer organization: the Fall Ambassador Program.

The goal of this newest aspect of MAPS volunteering is to spread awareness about the frequency of patient fall risks in hospitals and to play a role in helping to minimize falls in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

MAPS volunteers interested in serving as Fall Ambassadors will have the opportunity to communicate extensively with charge nurses, collaborate with care partners and nurses to reduce the risk of falls in the patient rooms they encounter during their rounds, and contribute directly to improving the safety conditions of patients within their own rooms. Fall Ambassador volunteers will execute duties specific to minimizing fall risk, in place of conducting their regular handwashing, blood draw, and medication administration observations.

As further incentive, Fall Ambassadors will receive a special, personalized note in their letter of recommendation upon completing their year-long MAPS commitment, acknowledging their extra effort in professional communication with the health care team of Ronald Reagan, and in heightening awareness of what continues to be a frequent problem to the safety of patients as they attempt to move around in their rooms.

As MAPS volunteers, patient safety is already our top priority during volunteering. Helping prevent the possibility of patients falling and injuring themselves, then, fits right into our responsibilities as members of the MAPS program.

If you are a MAPS volunteer interested in signing up to become a Fall Ambassador, click here!


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