Interested in Becoming a Fall Ambassador?

Volunteers interested in becoming Fall Ambassadors for the MAPS Program will enjoy a more interactive role with the health care professionals that we work with than is available with general MAPS volunteering. Fall Ambassadors will also receive a special note in their letter of recommendation acknowledging their social and communicative skills in having such an interactive role with the charge nurses and care partners.

Fall Ambassadors will have some of their monthly assigned units replaced with units in which they are required to act as Fall Ambassadors instead of as general MAPS volunteers. Fall Ambassadors will attend a short training session informing them of the tools to be used and how to go about volunteering as a part of the Fall Ambassador program with MAPS.

If you are interested in becoming a Fall Ambassador for the MAPS Program, please follow the instructions on the “How to Apply” section and submit all required documents, including the Fall Ambassador Program Application to

In becoming Fall Ambassadors for MAPS, you will become standouts in our program and develop highly valuable skills in communication and professionalism – all while improving the state of fall risks in Ronald Reagan. We hope to hear from you soon!


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