Your role as a Fall Ambassador

You will be improving patient safety by noticing situations that might put the patient at risk and alerting the appropriate members of the nursing staff.

Your charge as a Fall Ambassador under the MAPS Group is to take steps to assist the hospital in further reducing patient falls by:

  • Heightening awareness among nursing staff. Your presence on the floor with a high visibility vest marked with the program’s logo will serve to raise the awareness of nurses of the RRMC’s commitment to reducing falls. By being a highly visible part of the team, you will communicate to the staff that situations relating to falls are being monitored and reaffirm the resources the RRMC is committing to address the problem of patient falls.
  • Put staff on a gentle alert that patient fall-risk reduction is a high priority.
  • MAPS Group volunteers will target safety procedures that have been put in place to minimize falls including helping the staff to:
    • Monitor the presence and proper functioning of bed alarms.
    • Monitor whether there is a clear line of sight to the patient.
    • Monitor whether patients’ doors have been correctly identified with the Falling Star logo.
    • Assist staff in preventing falls through patient observation.
    • Monitor patient efforts to ambulate unassisted.
    • Monitor patients in a potentially unsafe position within their room and engage staff in correcting the situation.

How will Fall Ambassadors implement these duties? Please click on this: Fall Ambassador Charting. 


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